Our technicians at Milosch's Pre-Owned Superstore have a lot of experience with many different types of vehicles. Because we specialize in used cars, we've seen it all. Whether you have an aging vehicle or want to boost the performance of your luxury or sports vehicle. Fuel additives are available to help meet your goals to enhance performance or improve the longevity of your vehicle. Ask our experts in the shop about the types of fuel additives we have available and how they can help your particular vehicle make and model. Fuel additives can be useful for enhancing any of our certified pre-owned or bargain inventory models for added quality and reliability.

Fuel Additives for Your Vehicle

Fuel Injector Cleaners

Fuel Injector Cleaners work to keep deposits from forming that could hinder the operation of your fuel system. Precise electronic controls work to deliver the optimum fuel into the combustion chamber. When sediments build up, they can interfere with the delicate balance of air and fuel mixing. Cleaners help remove and prevent deposits from building up and interfering with your combustion engine's performance.

Ethanol Treatment

Most gas in the United States has some level of ethanol, from 10 percent up to 85 percent. Ethanol can cause water to form in the fuel system leading to rust and other metal deposits. An ethanol treatment can help reduce or prevent water buildup in your fuel lines.

Octane Boosters

If you drive an older vehicle or want to improve the performance of a luxury or exotic sports car, octane boosters can help keep the combustion chambers operating at peak performance.

Fuel Stabilizers

If you need to move your vehicle or store it for a long time, adding a fuel stabilizer will help keep your gas from degrading or becoming ineffective. Gas does go bad after a time, so using a fuel stabilizer for unused gas is a great way to extend or preserve the life, so you don't have issues when it's time to restart the vehicle after an extended time.

Anti-Gel Diesel Additives

Diesel engines tend to build up solid paraffin wax particles, especially in frigid temperatures. Anti-gel diesel additives help preserve the fuel and keep your engine and filters from clogging.

Ask the Experts at Milosch's Pre-Owned Superstore

No matter your vehicle goals, whether performance or preservation, fuel additives can be a useful tool in extending and maintaining your vehicle. It's imperative to follow the manufacturer's instructions for use carefully to avoid damage to your engine and components. When in doubt, visit the experts at Milosch's Pre-Owned Superstore and ask about all our maintenance services and find out why we are the premier used vehicle dealership around Lake Orion. For added savings, check out our specials to save even more on great used vehicles. Complete all your services in our shop so you can enjoy reliable use for years to come, no matter the age of your vehicle.

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