Dodge Ram Acceleration Problems

Dodge Ram is an excellent truck for regular activities and off-roading. People love Ram due to its rugged look and durability. There are some issues with the Ram trucks that users should know about. The acceleration problem is a major issue of the Ram trucks. It can happen due to gas pedal issues, throttle body problems, oil filter issues, engine problems, ECM and sensor issues. If you are driving a new Ram, the issue might be in the gas pedal assembly or electrical or ECM. Older Rams may have engine, transmission, throttle body, or oil system issues. The best solution to these issues is to diagnose the vehicle with an OBD-II scanner and a professional mechanic and solve the issue. I have discussed the symptoms, causes, and solutions to the acceleration problems in Dodge Ram in this article.

5 Symptoms of Dodge Ram Acceleration Problems

Hesitation accelerating, noisy acceleration, and sudden power loss are the main acceleration issues. Other issues related to acceleration are poor fuel economy, hesitation, and trouble starting and illuminating check engine lights. Let’s briefly discuss the symptoms of Dodge Ram acceleration problems:

1. Sudden Power Loss

Sudden power loss happens due to acceleration issues. Gas pedal assembly issues, fuel system failure, timing chain failure, and engine and transmission issues may cause sudden power loss in a Ram truck. It is very dangerous during driving, especially on highways.

2. Excessive Noise During Acceleration

Excessive noise during acceleration is another symptom of acceleration issues. Clogged or dirty oil in the engine and transmission may cause the issue. Sometimes, loose timing chains cause excessive noise, too.

3. Poor Fuel Economy

Fuel economy depends on the fuel-to-air ratio and the performance of the vehicle. If your Ram truck is getting lower mileage, there may be an issue with the air filter mass airflow sensor or fuel system.

4. Hesitant Accelerating

Users may face hesitation during acceleration or ignition. Hesitation mainly happens due to clogged fuel filters, air flow sensor issues, or bad spark plugs.

5. Check Engine Light

Check engine light generally illuminates due to engine and transmission issues. Engine and transmission are one of the most important components of a vehicle. If they have problems, the vehicle will also have starting or acceleration issues.

8 Causes of Dodge Ram Acceleration Problems

Acceleration problems in a Dodge Ram truck may occur due to engine, transmission, spark plugs, air filters, oil filters, MAF sensors, or ECM issues. Let’s briefly discuss the causes of acceleration issues of a Dodge Ram:

1. Engine Issues

The engine is the most important part of a vehicle. Combustion happens in the engine from where the vehicle generates power. Old oil, gasket issues, cracks, or sealant issues may cause the engine to not work properly. If the engine doesn’t work properly, there may be acceleration issues with the Ram truck.

2. Faulty Accelerator Assembly

A faulty accelerator assembly may also cause the pedal to not respond properly. It can loosen over time due to vibrations and wear. If the accelerator pedal doesn’t send the electric signal properly to the ECM, it won’t accelerate properly. It may hesitate or lose power while driving.

3. Transmission Issues

Transmission converts the engine power and delivers it to the wheels. Cracked or worn-out gears, old oil, bad clutch, and faulty solenoid can also cause acceleration issues. If the transmission doesn’t work properly, the vehicle will not shift properly. It may also lead to hesitation and sudden power loss.

4. Bad Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are very important for fuel combustion. If the spark plug is bad or worn out, it won’t ignite the fuel properly. As a result, the vehicle won’t get enough power over time causing acceleration issues.

5. Clogged Air Filter

The air filter provides clean air to the engine for ignition. Clogged air filters won’t be able to provide enough air to the engine. So, the engine will not produce enough power to accelerate the vehicle. Also, the ECM will detect issues and put the vehicle in low-performance mode until you fix the issue.

6. Bad Oil Filter

The oil filter refines oil and provides clean oil to the engine. A clogged filter won’t be able to provide clean oil, causing bad combustion and poor fuel economy. So, the vehicle will also provide bad performance.

7. Mass Airflow Sensor Issues

The Mass airflow sensor controls the air-to-fuel ratio for best combustion in the engine. Bad MAF sensors can lead to a bad ratio of air to fuel. As a result, the acceleration will hinder and cause bad performance.

8. Limp Mode

If there is any major issue with the truck, ECM will turn on the check engine light and put the vehicle in limp mode. In limp mode, you won’t get the best performance. The accelerator and performance will be limited and reduced to a certain point. So, the vehicle won’t accelerate fast until you diagnose and solve the issues.

Solution to Dodge Ram Acceleration Problems

There are a few solutions to the acceleration problems in a Dodge Ram. These are:

Replacing Air Filter

If you find a problem with the air filter, it will be better to replace it. It will cost you around $15 to $50 according to quality. You can scan your vehicle with an OBD-II scanner for air filter issues.

Replacing Oil Filter

Bad or clogged oil filters may cause the oil pump system to fail. So, it is a good idea to scan your Dodge Ram with an OBD-II scanner and replace oil filters if necessary. It will cost you $10 to $60 to replace the oil filter.

Resetting Mass Airflow Sensor

MAF sensor failure may cause many issues including acceleration issues. It will show P0101 to P0103, P0171, etc. codes for a bad MAF sensor. Most of the time you can fix the sensor by resetting it. The replacement cost is around a few hundred bucks for the sensor.

Changing Engine and Transmission Oil

Engine and transmission oils are necessary for the components in these parts to work properly and without any friction. Old or clogged oil can cause the acceleration issue in the Ram truck. It will also cost a few hundred dollars for an oil change.

Maintaining Accelerator

The accelerator depends on different components like cables, wires, latch, sensors, etc. As everything wears out over time, you should maintain them properly and if necessary replace them.

Diagnosing and Maintaining

The best way to keep a vehicle without any major issues is to diagnose properly and regularly. It helps you to detect issues before they can cause major issues. Always seek professional help during the maintenance process.

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