Ram 1500 Air Suspension Problems

Ram 1500 is a powerful and reliable truck for daily and off-road usage. Since its release, the Ram 1500 has been a favorite among automotive enthusiasts and users. It won the “Truck of the Year” title six times in 2019-2021, three consecutive years. However, some minor issues with the truck have affected the vehicle’s reliability and safety.

Since 2013, the air suspension system issue has become one of the headaches for Ram users. Air suspension helps the users to adjust the height of the truck for higher ground clearance. It is a hardware that can wear over time, and every old truck with the air suspension may face the issue at any time.

You may face noisy air suspension, slow adjustments, system malfunction, compressor malfunction, air leakage, etc. while adjusting the truck height. These all indicate that air suspension malfunction is not only a hardware issue but also a safety issue.

Hopefully, you can look out for the symptoms and fix the air suspension issues in a few ways. Read through the article as I have discussed the Ram 1500 air suspension problems, symptoms, reasons, and the solutions to the problems here.

Here are the common 7 problems with the air suspension system in a Ram 1500 truck:

Problem 1: Automatic Height Adjustment Failure

Air suspension system adjusts and keeps the vehicle at a particular height. Active height adjustment system is responsible for automatic height adjustment while driving.

It changes the ground clearance based on the terrain and road conditions. If your Ram is not adjusting height automatically, there may be a problem with the air suspension system. Mainly it happens due to weather changes and worn-out components.

Problem 2: Slow Height Adjustment

Height adjustment is like a piece of cake to the air suspension. It happens automatically and almost instantly. If you face a delay or lag in height adjustment, it means the air suspension is not working properly. Worn-out components are the main reason for that issue.

Problem 3: Self-Reset Failure

Self-reset after any maintenance is a common feature of air suspension in a Ram truck. But the suspension may not self-reset properly or fail after faulty maintenance.

Improper wiring, air spring puncture, loose or bad seal, and TCM issues may cause the self-reset system to fail. It is a very common issue for Ram trucks.

Problem 4: Noisy Air Compression

Air compression is very important for the suspension to work. The compressor inflates or deflates the system to achieve the desirable height.

A good compressor generates a subtle noise while running. If you hear any loud noise, the compressor may be facing issues or failing. You will need to diagnose the issue to detect and get rid of the issue.

Problem 5: Air Leakage

Air spring is another important part of the air suspension system. It is made of soft material and can get punctured or damaged. You may not notice a small leak at first, but it will grow over time.

The system leaking air means it will put more pressure on the compressor. The system may fail over time, and it is a great safety concern for a vehicle.

Problem 6: Air Suspension Malfunction in Cold Weather

New air suspension works perfectly in any weather in a Ram. But it wears out over time and may malfunction in weather changes. Ram air suspensions are likely to fail in cold weather.

Older air springs are affected by the cold weather. It may shrink and be brittle in cold situations. It leads the air suspension system to malfunction and fail.

Problem 7: Compressor Malfunction Due to Moisture

Seals of the air suspension system keep the air and moisture out of the system. However, it wears out over time and allows moisture in the compressor. It leads the compressor to malfunction. It works slowly, and the components get rusty. Overall, moisture leads the compressor to fail, which means the air suspension will fail too.

Symptoms of Ram 1500 Air Suspension Problems

I have already discussed the common problems which you will never want in your truck. If so, then you will need to look out for the symptoms and diagnose your vehicle on a regular basis. Here are a few symptoms you should not ignore:

  • Noise and vibration from the air suspension system
  • Hissing noise from the air springs of the suspension
  • Self-reset failure after maintenance
  • Slower response to height adjustment
  • Uneven height on the four wheels
  • Bumpy ride while driving
  • Illuminating maintenance light

You must diagnose your vehicle for air suspension issues if you face any of the symptoms and solve them right away.

Reasons for Ram 1500 Air Suspension Problems

The main reason for air suspension system failure in Ram 1500 trucks is aging and worn-out components. The air suspension system is a great feature, but it needs regular maintenance. If you don’t look after it, you will face issues.

Sometimes, reckless driving, bumpy terrain, and weather conditions are also responsible for the failure of air suspension. Air suspension problems may also occur due to unprofessional maintenance and bad replacement components. So, it is necessary to do servicing from an authorized dealership or a professional mechanic.

Solutions to Ram 1500 Air Suspension Problems

There are 3 solutions to the air suspension system problems of the Ram 1500 truck. These are the official

  1. Dealership solution
  2. Unofficial solution and
  3. Solution by using a conversion kit.

Let’s discuss the solutions and their pros and cons.

Solution 1: Official Solution from Dealership

You can replace the damaged components with official OEM parts from the Ram official dealership. However, getting an appointment from the dealership and bringing the vehicle there is very problematic and time-consuming.

However, you are giving your vehicle to the professionals and getting exact fitting parts from the dealership. You may get the official parts but it will cost you around $1000 or more for just replacing the air compressor. The whole suspension system will cost you a lot. It may not be worth your money or time either.

Solution 2: Unofficial Solution with Aftermarket Parts

Another solution to air suspension system issues in your Ram 1500 truck is replacing the components with aftermarket parts. It is the easiest way to solve the issues. You can get a lot of aftermarket product variants that fit your truck.

The pricing is also cheaper and more affordable compared to dealerships. But there is no guarantee of the products, and you definitely will not get the original parts. But you can buy components from a reputed shop and not worry about them at all.

Solution 3: Solution by Using the Conversation Kit

Lastly, you may want to convert your suspension system to a spring-based suspension system. It is longer-lasting than air suspension and cheaper. Any components wear over time, and the soft ones are the first to become faulty. Air suspension springs are not rigid; whatever you do, they will age over time.

You will face the issue even after a new official replacement from the dealership, not to mention after spending so much money. So, it is better to convert your Ram truck to a spring-based suspension. It will also cost you a few hundred dollars but will also provide you with long-lasting performance and rigidity compared to the air suspension systems.

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